Past To Future Samples has recently released a new addition to its Lonerist Drums series of sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

You know, and LOVE this sound! A 1960’s Ludwig Super Classic Blue Sparkle with a 60’s Supro 14×5 snare drum, recorded in a really cool sounding room with all the vintage and modern gear that was used on the album!

Dbx165a, Shure SE-30, Chandler TG preamps, Urei 546 EQ, and all the cool microphones! As usual, you will have many round Robbins and velocity layers and a custom Kontakt GUI where you can choose between a cleanish version and a more saturated version recorded through a Shure SE-30!

Priced $15 USD, the sample library requires the full version of Kontakt, and Wav samples are included for use with other software/hardware.