Past To Future Samples has released Roland Tr-808 Tape, a new sample library featuring the sounds of the Roland TR-808 recorded on tape.

Past To Future Samples Roland TR 808 Tape

The Kontakt instrument comes with up to 30 velocity level for each sample, capturing the classic drum machine in detail. The custom interface allows for easy adjusting of the sounds.

Roland Tr-808 Tape samples from past to future samples gives you the Fat sound of the 808!

Over 1000 samples have been recorded on a Studer A80 with 2 different tape formulas (BASF 911 and 468) which are also switchable in our new custom Kontakt interface!
We also recorded the samples at different output levels.

Roland TR-808 Tape is available for $20 USD. The pack also includes 24bit/96khz wav files.

More information: Past To Future Samples