Past To Future Samples has announced its new drum sample library Untamed Drums Psychedelic Pop Edition, available in Kontakt and Wav formats.

Past To Future Samples Untamed Drums Psychedelic Pop Edition

The library you’ve all been waiting for! A perfect blend of real acoustic drums and drum machine samples!

Special mic positions and gear like Dbx 165a used as a distortion box! Laced with the punchy sounds of our Drumtraks drum machine creates this unique sound you know so well! API preamps that give the transients a perfect vibe, vintage Ludwig Supra snare blends perfectly with the Drumtraks, it is THAT sound!

Every sound has more than 20RR and velocity variations for realistic grooves.
The sound of the perfectly recorded acoustic drums laced with drum machine samples is a sound to die for!

The sample library is available for purchsae for $15 USD.

More information: Past To Future Samples