Past To Future Samples has announced the release of Zeppelin Drums, its largest sample library yet featuring a vintage Ludwig Bonham Signature Steel kit recorded with some of the best microphones, preamps, and converters in the world.

Past To Future Samples Zeppelin Drums

First time in our libraries, a fully graphical user interface with animations and selectable mics with a mixer view to create your own sound to your heart’s desire!

Want open sounding drums? Move one of the room or overhead mics up with their own dedicated slider! Want more or less bleed from the toms? There is a dedicated slider for that too!

Microphones used to record this kit are alone over 80.000$ including brands like Neumann, Wunder Audio and the handcrafted USA made Polyribbon mics made by L M Watts!
Neve 1073 preamps, Retro compressors and Pultec type eq’s, DAD AX32 converter also used to record the kit!

The kit includes over 4,400 samples with more than 20 round robin and velocity levels. It comes with Kontakt presets and 24bit/48khz Wav files are included for use in other samplers.

Zeppelin Drums is available for $15 USD.

More information: Past To Future Samples