Patchbanks TR-Micro Drums

Patchbanks has announced the release of TR-Micro Drums, a new original sample collection of cutting edge electronic drums, sub-bass and FX sound kits developed for pro-producers in search of ultra-quality sounds for precision programming.

Inspired by the legendary Roland TR-808™ drum machine sound with a modern day twist.

This collection features over 500 one-shot stereo/mono samples assembled into 50 kits that were creatively designed for the purpose of producing beats with big bottom-end bass and fast snappy snares and hi-hat patterns — all of which were pre-tuned and EQed to make finding the right sound convenient. Included are: big sub kicks, punchy mid kicks, synth subs, snappy snares and claps, silky hats and cymbals, toms, modular drumsynths, white noise, FX sweeps and lots more.

Each recording was originally sourced and processed through a collection of vintage tube circuitry and notch filters to add some color and saturation— then processed again through Class-A compressors in ‘slam mode’ for more punch and nuanced attack. Sonically, it just doesn’t get bigger then this.

TR-Micro Drums features

  • +500 One-Shot Drum Samples (Stereo/Mono).
  • 24bit Aiff format.
  • Music Styles: South Beats, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop.
  • 215MB content.

The sample pack is available for $39.95 USD.

More information: Patchbanks