This page contains patches and sound banks by Xenos.

Download patches/sound banks

1084downloadFuture Bass Volume 1Massive
1079downloadMassive - Uber Brutal Dubstep (Demo)Massive
1077downloadMassive - XS SignatureMassive
1076downloadStreet Smart SoundsFirebird
1039downloadNetherworld RelmsSynplant
1037downloadAlien Technology DemoAalto
1035downloadFM8 CyberRasta DemoFM7/FM8
1022downloadDubstep and DnBSynth1
1014downloadXS Model E SoundsModel-E
1009downloadPowerhouse Dance Collectionz3ta+
986downloadAnnihilation Dubstep and DnBZebra
939downloadSubBoomBass - Underground Revival XS Ed. Demo BankSubBoomBass
938downloadSubBoomBass - Xenos Signature Hip Hop DemoSubBoomBass
937downloadSubBoomBass - Meltdown DemoSubBoomBass
936downloadCobalt - Hip Hop Collection - DemoCobalt
935downloadScanned Synth Pro - Xenogenesis DemoScanned Synth Pro
934downloadSylenth - Essential Dance Collection XS Ed. DemoSylenth1
926downloadDubstep and DnB Vol.5 - Demo PackPredator
925downloadHarmless - Electromancy Demo (VSTi only)Harmless
924downloadDrumaxx - Nitro Demo (VSTi and FL)Drumaxx
916downloadForever 80's for U-he Zebra (Demo)Zebra
905downloadXenos Soundworks - XS Singature Basses Dubstep and DnB - DemoBLUE
904downloadXenos Soundworks - Hydrospheric Trance - DemoPredator
903downloadXenos Soundworks - Cryostasis - DemoBLUE
812downloadPost-Modern Demo (12 patches)Ultra Analog
811downloadRetro Demo BankUltra Analog
798downloadFree Sylenth BankSylenth1
797downloadSecond Wind Demo (24 presets)Gladiator
796downloadEDM Underworld Demo (16 presets)V-Station
795downloadNo Trance Demo (24 presets)Vanguard
778downloadXenos FM7 Soundbank (2006)FM7/FM8
777downloadSynth1: Xenos SignatureSynth1
749downloadXenos FabFilter OneOne

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