This page contains patches and sound banks by Xenos Soundworks.

Xenos Soundworks provides professional quality patch banks for users of VST synths and factory preset design services for software synthesizer developers. A very broad range of musical styles and tastes are covered here: Vintage synth sounds, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Ambient, IDM, Industrial, Electro, Techno and Trance.

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idTitleSynth / Plugin
1150 Nostalgia for PG-8X (and JX8P)PG-8X
1084 Future Bass Volume 1Massive
1079 Massive - Uber Brutal Dubstep (Demo)Massive
1077 Massive - XS SignatureMassive
1076 Street Smart SoundsFirebird
1039 Netherworld RelmsSynplant
1037 Alien Technology DemoAalto
1035 FM8 CyberRasta DemoFM7/FM8
1022 Dubstep and DnBSynth1
1014 XS Model E SoundsModel-E
1009 Powerhouse Dance Collectionz3ta+
986 Annihilation Dubstep and DnBZebra
939 SubBoomBass - Underground Revival XS Ed. Demo BankSubBoomBass
938 SubBoomBass - Xenos Signature Hip Hop DemoSubBoomBass
937 SubBoomBass - Meltdown DemoSubBoomBass
936 Cobalt - Hip Hop Collection - DemoCobalt
935 Scanned Synth Pro - Xenogenesis DemoScanned Synth Pro
934 Sylenth - Essential Dance Collection XS Ed. DemoSylenth1
926 Dubstep and DnB Vol.5 - Demo PackPredator
925 Harmless - Electromancy Demo (VSTi only)Harmless
924 Drumaxx - Nitro Demo (VSTi and FL)Drumaxx
916 Forever 80's for U-he Zebra (Demo)Zebra
905 Xenos Soundworks - XS Singature Basses Dubstep and DnB - DemoBLUE
904 Xenos Soundworks - Hydrospheric Trance - DemoPredator
903 Xenos Soundworks - Cryostasis - DemoBLUE
812 Post-Modern Demo (12 patches)Ultra Analog
811 Retro Demo BankUltra Analog
798 Free Sylenth BankSylenth1
797 Second Wind Demo (24 presets)Gladiator
796 EDM Underworld Demo (16 presets)V-Station
795 No Trance Demo (24 presets)Vanguard
778 Xenos FM7 Soundbank (2006)FM7/FM8
777 Synth1: Xenos SignatureSynth1
749 Xenos FabFilter OneOne

You can find more patches listed by sound designer and by synth/plugin, or check the latest additions.

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