Patchpool Kaleidoscope Subscription

Patchpool has announced the launch of its Kaleidoscope Subscription, offering content for use with the Kaleidoscope sound design tool by 2CAudio.

This subscription includes original images, waveforms and tuning files. Many presets borrow tuning files from either the expansion Architecture Vol. 1 released by 2CAudio or the free Scala tuning file-library which is available as shareware, as I see no point re-coding tuning files which have already been created and are ready to use. Ambient soundscapes, deep drones, complex tonal and atonal pads, experimental textures and minimalistic rhythms are the main focus of this sound library. My presets sometimes are variations on a theme, so within a subscription set you will find several variations of a combination of images and tuning files or waveforms, exploring some of the infinite possibilities Kaleidoscope has to offer.

Of course you can also ignore the presets and just use the images, waveforms and tuning files to create your own presets. How a preset sounds is totally pendent on the input signal, so I will also supply some samples from time to time with audio content which works particularly well with Kaleidoscope (sharp transients, noisy components, lot’s of harmonics and dynamics). Some presets are saved using the internal noise generator of Kaleidoscope to excite the resonators, this can easily be changed turning down the noise volume slider in the program.

Every 4-6 weeks I send out a new set to all subscribers, all new subscribers can download the entire content in one compressed archive. The subscription price is fixed and will increase moderately when more content has been added. If a subscriber wants to renew his/her subscription after one year, she/he gets a 20% discount on the current subscription price.

An annual subscription is available for purchase for 50 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Kaleidoscope Subscription