Patchpool has announced the release of Alchemistry Beyond, a soundset for Alchemy by Camel Audio.

Patchpool Alchemistry Beyond

This Sound Bank for Alchemy comprises a whole universe of unique and fascinating sounds. A violinist and a female vocalist were hired to record unique source material using top notch Neumann microphones, all samples were recorded in L-C-R in 48 Khz/24 Bit/stereo, many of those were processed with an array of FX-Plug-Ins to create unheard electronic textures.

Multisampled violin and vocal patches featuring conventional and unusal articulations create evocative, cinematic, dark and touching atmospheres as well as beautiful pad sounds. Various chromatic and achromatic percussion instruments as well as metal and glass objects were multisampled, piano strings treated with coins and lots of processed field recordings from around the globe recorded on trips during the last months are included in the 3,71 Gigabyte sample content.

Otherworldly electronic textures using mutlisampled software synths with sounds I made for this Bank and fascinating textures created with the incredible Metasynth are another important ingredient of Alchemistry Beyond.

Alchemistry Beyond features

  • 128 patches with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad.
  • All 8 Performance Controllers as well as both x/y-pads are assigned for each patch.
  • A number of patches have 4 alternations (Round Robin) for more realism and expressiveness, some also use up to 3 velocity layers.
  • 3,7 GB of samples in wav format 48 Khz/24 Bit/stereo.
  • Delivered as a RAR-archive split up into 5 parts for better download handling (2.67 GB download size).

Alchemistry Beyond (Alchemy full version required) is available to purchase for €49.95 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Alchemistry Beyond