Patchpool has announced the release of Carmen, a unique collection of patches for the BYOME modular effect plugin by Unfiltered Audio.

Patchpool Carmen for BYOME

The pack features ambient soundscape-makers which will transform the incoming audio into fascinating and wondrous musical and sometimes alien textures.

You will also find rhythmical gates, glitch-makers and filter-scapes, granular mayhem and complex delay lines, experimental craziness, deep spaces, stereo madness, complex drum processors and other effect combinations words fail to describe.

All 102 presets are programmed 100% wet for inserting the plug-in on a bus, up to 8 Macros are assigned per patch for quick and easy interaction with the presets.

While programming the presets for Carmen, numerous acoustic instruments, percussion, drums but also synthetic sounds were used as audio input in order to create patches which are useful in a musical context but also for sound design and post production.

The Carmen patch collection is available for purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: Patchpool