Patchpool has released Colored Spaces, a collection of presets for the Adaptiverb effect plugin by Zynaptiq.

The pack features 178 creative patches (including 9 variations) by sound designed Simon Stockhausen. Many of them make use of the unique spectral filtering feature of Adaptiverb.

Dozens of sonic footprints from acoustic, vocal and electronic sources were captured and tested on various input sources, creating a diverse collection of spaces suitable for ambient/cinematic/experimental music and sound design. Some tonal spaces using the pitch quantization and resonance feature and some more conventional reverb patches for general usage and drums/percussion are also included in this collection.

The Freeze-function in Adaptiverb can create very interesting drones and pad sounds, so Colored Spaces also contain 50 presets with frozen ambiences, pads, drones and otherworldly textures which can be used as a starting point for sound design and/or as an inspirational source for new musical excursions. All patches are programmed 100% wet to be used on an effect bus.

Colored Spaces is available for purchase for 23 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Colored Spaces