Patchpool Diversity

Patchpool has launched Diversity, a soundset for the Diversion synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This soundset contains 101 patches and 6 variations for the incredibly capable Diversion synth by Dmitry Sches. The goal was to create a wide range of diverse sounds reaching from mellow and beautiful bells, pads, textural instruments and expressive lead sounds to edgy and soaring sequences and synths to dark and mysterious drones and soundscapes to otherworldly and abstract texures.

A lot of new waveforms were created in- and outside of Diversion to expand the sonic palette of this synth, complex modulation routings were used to create animated and expressive sounds usable for a wide variety of musical styles.

All sounds have the x/y-Mastermorph pad assigned for deep interaction with the sounds, many also use Aftertouch for even more expressive playability.

Diversity features

  • Bell & Plucks (9 + 1 variation)
  • Keys & Synths (21)
  • Pads (19 + 2 variations)
  • Scapes & Drones (29 + 2 variation)
  • Sequencers (23 + 1 variation)

The soundset costs 25 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Diversity