Patchpool has launched Sonic Tabulator, a sound library for the Serum synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records.

Sonic Tabulator contains 101 patches including 1 variation covering a wide range of atmospheric sounds, warm pads, huge drones, tinkling bells, snappy plucks, expressive leads and resynthesized instruments, other worldy noises and animated sequences. Cold digitalness and darker soundworlds unite with warm, emotionally appealing sonic goodness.

All waveforms in this set are new and fresh, often created by using samples of acoustic instruments from the gigantic pool of patchpool samples as sound sources for the generation of wavetables. Depending on the amount of slots in Serum’s modulation matrix, each patch has up to 4 Macros and the Modwheel assigned, many also use Aftertouch. As Serum also allows for sample playback in it’s noise oscillator, a folder with wav samples (26 wavs / stereo / 44.1 Khz / 24 and 16 Bit / 226.4 MB) comprising soundscapes, drones, vocal and instrumental textures and field recordings is also included in this library.

Sonic Tabulator pack is available for purchase for 28 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Sonic Tabulator