Empty Vessel has announced a new soundset for the Thorn synthesizer instrument by Dmitry Sches.

Pathogen features a collection of 64 presets based heavily around original samples.

Empty Vessel Pathogen for Thorn

The samples were used to create the wavetables, harmonic filter shapes and they were imported into the Noise Oscillator to be used both as audio layers and to frequency modulate Oscillator 3.

Sample sources are very diverse, from a range of field recordings made with my Zoom H5 digital recorder and Sony cassette dictaphone to deep synthesised soundscapes made with Reaktor, Absynth, Alchemy and many more.

Processed extensively with tools from my software studio and also my hardware samplers.

The result is a pack of deep, complex sounds with glitches, noise, artifacts and long evolving textures.

Most patches make use of extensive Mod Wheel and Aftertouch assignments to give maximum expressivity. Many evolve, sometimes quite randomly over long periods of time.

The soundset is available for purchase for $15 USD. If you don’t own Thorn yet, the synth is currently on sale for only $59 USD at Plugin Boutique.

Empty Vessel has also launched a new Sampler Bundle, comprising all 6 TAL Sampler sound libraries at a 15% discount. The bundle comes with nearly 2GB of samples and 405 original, lovingly crafted patches. The bundle costs $85 USD.

More information: Empty Vessel Sound Design