Paul Birken's BugBrand Modular

Paul Birken has released the Murky Modular Pack, a collection of free samples of Paul’s BugBrand Modular.

Paul Birken likes to play in he basement. Really though, I think we all do. Some of our basements are on the 3rd floor and some are in the garage. What we all have in common is a place for the music to be created and/or played. What we don’t all have in common is a penchant for Analog buggery. That’s where Paul comes in.

He’s recently got himself a new toy. Behold! The Bugbrand Modular! Paul has zipped up a handful of about 80 little loops, hits and whistles of the bleepy, R2 variety in his initial explorations into this new synth of his to share with everyone. Cut em up, cut em loose, show em to your mom. It doesn’t matter what you do with them, but if it sounds fun send it in for everyone to hear!

The 28 Mb sample pack is available from the Fun in the Murky website.