Peace Love Productions Clubland Build Ups

Peace Love Productions has announced Clubland Build Ups, a collection of loops, samples, and MIDI files.

Build Ups are every where in Dance music today so PLP has gone ahead and produced an essential collection of Build Up effect loops just for you.

Build Ups are rising sound effects that create anticipation and energy just before a major transition in a song. Some of the best dance music producers have mastered the art of a build up and PLP is giving you access to the same sound effects they would use in their remixes and Electro House tunes.

Clubland Build Ups features

  • 365 files 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo, 165 Build Up effects in total, 100 pristine drum oneshots, 38 midi files (beats and synth riffs), and 60 Electro House construction kit loops including Synths, Basses, Kicks, Snares, FX, Cymbals, and more.
  • Each loop is perfectly cut to tempo and will fit seamlessly into any mix.
  • Production tricks include pitch ramping up, phaser modulation, sustain and release decay, white noise, filtering, ducking, reverse swells, swooshes, and sweeps.

Clubland Build Ups is available to purchase as a download for $29.95 USD.

More information: Peace Love Productions