Peace Love Productions Harder Faster Hardstyles

Peace Love Productions has released Harder Faster Hardstyles, a massive collection of loops and samples for producing European Hardstyle, Hardbass, Hardcore, Nu-Style, Gabber, and Jumpstyle.

It’s hard, dark, and heavy so dive in and have a safe journey.

Harder Faster Hardstyles features

  • 360 loops recorded at 145 BPMs
  • Sounds include Arpeggiations, Atmospherics, Basses, Booms, Claps, Riffs, SFX, Melody Hooks, Mixed Beats, Hi Hats, Hits, Pads, Percussion, Rhythmic Synths, Rolls, Screaming Leads, Snares, Builds, Dark Vocals, and Wicked Kicks.
  • 28 Midi Synth Riffs in .mid
  • Acid Pro 7 starter song (WAV download only)
  • 24 bit 44/1 kHz stereo .wav .aif and .rx2

Harder Faster Hardstyles is available for download for $29.95 USD.

Visit Peace Love Productions for more information and audio demos.