Peace Love Productions Warped Space Trilogy

Peace Love Productions has released Warped Space Trilogy, a bundle of three previously released Warped Space sample libraries.

This special bundle offer combines all three Warped Space releases, for a total of 1,180 loops (2gb) in your choice of ACIDized .wav, Recycled .rx2, or Apple-looped .aif. Genres include Ambient, Glitch, Electro, Space Music, Chill Out, and Downtempo.

You’ll get warped acoustic instruments like Flute and Piano, huge evolving Ambient Beds, Vocals, Guitars, Basses, bubbling Analogue Synths, Pads, Glitched out rhythms, Percussion, Ambient Space, Atonal Noises, Distorted walls of sound, lo fi Effects, hi fi Effects, Arpeggiators, Soundscapes, 8 bit, Organs, Electric Pianos, Bells, Analogue Sequences, and so much more.

Warped Space Trilogy is available now for $80 USD.

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