Peavey has released ACT Combo and ACT Rack, two new modules for the ReValver 4 guitar amp modeling software.

Tone is the elusive thing that makes guitar amplifiers special. ReValver has set the standard for amp sim tone with its revolutionary component level modeling and ACT (Audio Cloning Technology™) sound sculpting.

Now ReValver is putting the power of ACT into your hands with the introduction of the ACT Combo and ACT Rack tone matching modules. Find the tones you want and own them. ReValver just became unlimited.

  • ACT Combo: Combine ReValvers unrivaled amp modeling with its ACT tone shaping to instantly match the gain and tone of a target amp. From Clean to crunch to hi-gain, the ACT Combo is not just an amp model – it’s every amp model.
  • ACT Rack: A matching EQ that allows you to tone match an audio file or DAW track and apply it to your own recordings. From guitar tracks to your master mix bus, ACT Rack will match your tracks to any source track.

ACT Combo and ACT Rack are available for purchase for $39.99 USD and $19.99 USD, respectively.

More information: Revalver 4