Percussa has announced it has completed its successful month-long Kickstarter campaign for the Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack Module, reaching a total of $62,849 USD.

The project was funded 314% based on its original goal of $20,000 USD, unlocking multiple stretch goals with additional features such as USB MIDI MPE support, and 10 additional DSP modules, including a powerful granular sound synthesis processor.

Development of the SSP module will begin immediately, with the first units are planned to ship in April 2018.

Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack module

The SSP will be based on its PERCUSSA Engine and PERCUSSA Remote products, which were first presented last Winter NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA. Engine is a sound synthesis platform based on a powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor, delivering over 20,000 DMIPS, paired with high end AKM ADCs and DACs capable of 192khz sample rate and 32 bit resolution, and a full colour 1600×480 LVDS display. Remote is a professional USB control surface with high quality switches and encoders. Both Engine and Remote feature aluminium machined (CNC) housings and knobs.

The SSP will bring the same powerful sound synthesis capabilities to the eurorack format, and will feature 16 input channels and 8 output channels, USB host and device ports, and a micro SD card slot. It will also feature 4 high quality encoders and 18 durable switches, and the same 1600×480 full colours IPS LVDS display. The input and output channels will be provided using 3.5mm connectors, DC coupled, to support both audio and control voltage signals. The same high end AKM ADCs and DACs will be used for the inputs and outputs.

Percussa has opened a limited-time only “slacker backer” period. Until Friday September 15th, at 8PM PDT, you can still pre-order the SSP module at a price of $1,650 USD + shipping by contacting Percussa through their website.

After September 15th, this offer will no longer be available, and the SSP will be offered for pre-order through Percussa’s online store, and through select dealers, at a higher price point, to be announced in the next weeks.

More information: Percussa / Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module