Percussa Urbano Lounge

Percussa has released Urbano Lounge, the second downloadable sound pack from Percussa.

This pack contains an inspiring collection of mid tempo lounging loops, breaks and samples to help you on your way towards cube success!

Urbano Lounge features

  • 140Mb of loop content recorded and produced exclusively for Percussa Audio Cubes by Cuesounds (UK). Although the pack was designed to work with Propellerheads Reason 4, the samples can be used with other software too.
  • Included are three main folders, two of which contain sampled loops, and one containing four combinator tools. The sampled loops are included in both WAV and RX2 file format. The included combinator patches were designed to use the RX2 format.
  • The sampled loops have been created around a general lounge and hip hop theme. Some of the sounds included are not typically representative of this genre, however help balance an eclectic palette of sounds that can be used in a variety of styles.

This pack has been designed to give the AudioCubes enthusiast more advanced content than typically included with software releases. The combinator patches included are by no means the only control possibilities within the Reason environment, but help highlight the power of the combinator device and the AudioCubes.

Urbano Lounge is available for download for €14.95 EUR.

Visit Percussa for more information.