Percussa has announced the release of a brand new update for its Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module, providing improved support for VST plugins, a new software development kit (SDK) for developers working on VST plugins for the SSP, various fixes and usability improvements and a new version of the quad-VCA (QVCA) plugin for the SSP.

Percussa SSP rings

The update allows VST plugins, developed by 3rd party developers, to blend in with the native built-in modules of the SSP, which already includes wavetable oscillators, samplers, granular processors, traditional oscillators and virtual analog filters, envelopes, sequencers, arpeggiators, reverb and delay processors, noise generators, and microtonal quantization modules.

Users can now directly insert VST plugins from the SSP’s main module picker, which speeds up building polyphonic patches.

Percussa SSP mixer TheTechnoBear

The update coincides with the release of TheTechnobear’s new VST modules for the SSP, which includes a port of Mutable Instruments’ Rings and Clouds modules, as well as a multichannel Performance Mixer module.

The new modules as well as the new update are available in Percussa’s forum.

More information: Percussa