Steinberg has extended ARA support in Cubase and Nuendo, making perfect vocal comping possible.

Steinberg Cubase ARA Melodyne

Comping is a crucial part of modern music production. It involves combining the best segments from multiple takes, e.g. of a vocal performance, to obtain a final track that comes as close to perfection as possible. This is done by comparing the takes and switching to whichever take offers the best performance of each segment (which could be as short as a single syllable). Comping also involves the taking of important musical decisions – a task that is now far more easily accomplished in Cubase and Nuendo.

Thanks to their extended ARA support, you can apply Melodyne to all the takes before finalizing your comping decisions. This means you have all of Melodyne’s possibilities at your disposal to edit the segments, selecting at each point in the song the option that is truly the best. Furthermore, not only can you apply Melodyne to the individual segments of each take, but also look beyond the boundaries of any given segment at the entire contents of the take to which it belongs. Discrepancies or overlapping at the crossover points between takes are therefore very easy to eliminate.

This extended ARA support comes with the updates to Cubase Version 10.0.40 and Nuendo Version 10.2, which contain a number of other improvements besides. To accompany these, Melodyne 4.2.3 or later is required.

Further details regarding ARA integration in the Steinberg DAWs can be found in the Melodyne Help Center.

Users of Cubase or Nuendo who do not yet have Melodyne can try out ARA integration with the Melodyne trial.

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