Performance Samples has announced that its Con Moto – Violins Legacy instrument library for Kontakt is available as a free download in anticipation of the next releases in the series (Violins A, Violas, Violins B, Basses).

Performance Samples Con Moto Violins Legacy

Con Moto – Violins Legacy consists of non-comprehensive material from an early recording session for Con Moto, before it was re-recorded in another room with a smaller ensemble.

Con Moto – Violins Legacy features

  • Twelve violins (primarily soloist and 1st-chair musicians) from the Capellen Orchestra.
  • Three dynamic layers, from moderately soft to FFF.
  • “Active-bow” sustains (non-static longs that move and evolve while simultaneously maintaining the dynamic/timbre).
  • Recorded in a hall with multiple mic positions: Close, Decca, Wide.
  • 48kHz / 24bit.
  • NCW-compressed, ~422 MB total.

The library is a free download for Kontakt 5.5.1 and higher, full version.

More information: Performance Samples