Perimeter Sound Arts Bio-Mechanic Beats II

Perimeter Sound Arts has released Bio-Mechanic Beats II, a sample collection of beats & percussion loops.

Drum machines revolting, refusing to be defined by ones & zeroes. Real world percussion one-shots reordered and dressed up like robots. Back to the rhythmic future to spice up your productions today.

Bio-Mechanic Beats II features

  • 525meg pack containing 870 loops in Acidized .wav format.
  • 70bpm to 180bpm, and every tempo and style from hiphop to industrial and dance, to high speed drum-n-bass.
  • Sorted in to 3 folders – ‘Less Fx’, ‘More Fx’, and ‘Percussion HiHats’.
  • Non-pitched samples with tempo information in the filename.

Bio-Mechanic Beats II is available as an instant download for $25 USD.

Check the Perimeter Sound website for more information and some audio demos.