Perimeter Sound has announced the release of Pursuit, a soundset for the Zebra 2 wireless modular synthesizer instrument by u-he.

From future Funk to more vintage Dance, whatever style you are chasing – Pursuit has some great new sounds for your music.

Find some grooves with a rhythmic patch, or lay down a solo and hit the modwheel to morph the tones for added expression. Don’t forget to try out the X/Y pads. Each patch has all 4 of them assigned, and they can radically change the feeling of the original preset – personally customized to your liking.

Take one part vintage and one part modern, this set is both refreshing and familiar sounding at once. Feel at home and inspired, surprised and pleased.

The choice is yours with a canvas this big, what do you want to paint today ?

90 Patches – Each patch has modwheel assignments and all 4 X/Y pads set up. Ninety immediately playable patches, no filler, no fx or arps.

Hive – Tek 2 offers a collection of 75 sounds for u-he’s Hive synth.

Born again, new sounds, similar vibes. Hive Tek 2 is a dirtier version of the first set, more Dance vibes with some grit added. Full frequency sounds, full speed ahead.

75 fresh new presets for the hottest VA synth on the block. Rounder basses and sharper synths, bigger pads and wider keys. New rhythms and still no filler arps/sound fx. Get patches you can use now, today.

All patches include modwheel settings for live playing, and most include some velocity mappings for addition expression when playing or sequencing.

Pursuit for Zebra and Tek 2 for Hive are available for $19.95 USD and $17.95 USD, respectively.

Until July 7th, 2017, you can use coupon code FOUR to get 25% off everything in the Perimeter Sound webshop and at

More information: Perimeter Sound