Peter den Herder has released an updated version of Noise4U, a free soundset for the TAL-NoiseMaker synthesizer by Togu Audio Line.

This is a special version of the Noise4U sound bank made in a 64 bit environment. The original Noise4U soundbank was created in a 32 bit environment. Some people can’t load the original version in a 64 bit environment.

This sound bank, called “Noise4U” consists of 91 patches for TAL Noisemaker V3.03. You are free to use it in your productions. In this soundset you’ll find lots of basses,leads, synced FX, synced gated sounds and more. Genre: Mainly Dance.

Download the 64-bit version of Noise4U below.

Noise4U sound bank (64-bit version) Download size: 131.82 kB

More information: Peter den Herder / TAL-NoiseMaker