Pethu Hahaha CS33 Evolution Edition

Pethu has released Hahaha CS33 Evolution Edition, a special version of the CS33, skinned for use with the UC33 hardware controller. A matching template for use with the UC33 is included in the packlage.

One of the aims with the CS33 design was to provide a maximum “Synth-in-a-box” feel when used with the UC33. You can program patches from scratch never looking at the screen until it’s time to apply the final touches – expression controller tweaks, FX settings etc. The identical look of template and GUI also means you don’t have to do a “mental re-map” every time you switch from looking at the screen to looking at the controller.

The Evolution Edition is the same as the Standard Edition (apart from the way it looks), and both share the same VSTi ID, so you can only have one installed at the time.

Visit Pethu’s website for more information.