Pethu has released Maxim 16-2EQ Mixer, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Pethu Maxim 16-2EQ Mixer

From the manual:

The Maxim 16-2EQ is a 16+2 channel stereo mixer, meant to be used in modular VST host environments like EnergyXT, SynthEdit and others, and was specifically designed for those who want a classic mixer solution for the Tracktion line of sequencers.

Maxim 16-2EQ Mixer features

  • Basic Channel Strips with Input Indicator Light, S1 And S2 Send Level Knobs, Pan Slider, Volume Fader, Meters, Mute & Solo Buttons and Text Labels.
  • Channel Strip EQ Sections with Low Cut Filter and a 1-Band Parametric EQ.
  • Send Return Channels, like the normal channel strips but no effect sends, no pan slider and return channels operate on their on “solo exclusive” group.
  • Master Channel to control the overall output level (includes Mute button).

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