Pfundstein Audio Plugins has announced the release of a virtual instrument featuring the sounds of an octave 8-string bass guitar with string pairs similar to 12-string guitars.

BassLine Buster Std 8 was created from a handcrafted bass guitar featuring active electronics and custom components such as a special ETS bridge.

Pfundstein BassLine Buster

The market is filled with great MIDI bass plug-ins – 4-strings, 5-strings, fretless, jazz, precision, etc., it’s all there, in different qualities from free to expensive. Now the small company ”Pfundstein Audio Plugins” offers an octave 8-string bass guitar with string pairs like you know it from 12-string guitars, sampled as a virtual instrument, available for VST3 hosts under Windows and macOS: BassLine Buster Std 8 VST3 plug-in

The original bass guitar was handcrafted in Germany by the instrument manufacturer “BassLine”, the specialists of professional bass guitars. World-class electronics and premium custom components like the special ETS bridge and the unique headstock make this instrument truly an eyecatcher.

Not only the optic is unique, also the sound. 8-string basses like this are a perfect fit for ballads, melodic rock songs and epic tracks, outperforming normal basses with a massive tone. While not everybody is keen on this special sound, we all must agree it’s truly special.

BassLine Buster Std 8 features

  • Unique 8-String octaved bass sound.
  • Perfect fit for melodic rock and epic tracks.
  • Great for other genres, too.
  • Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning).
  • Highest tone: G4 (24th fret, regular tuning).
  • Velocity regulates power of attack (two layers plus palm mute).
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Key switches for power-users.
  • Finger style.
  • Pick style.
  • Automatic alternate picking.
  • Slapping.
  • Tapping.
  • Palm mute.
  • Slides and bending.
  • Hammer on.
  • Pull off.
  • High resolution samples with lossless compression.
  • Unprocessed clean DI to use you own amp/fx plugin.

Available in VST3 format Windows and Mac, the virtual instrument is on sale at an introductory price of 25 EUR for a limited time (regular 39 EUR).

More information: Pfundstein Audio Plugins