Photosounder has released an update to its audio editor/synthesizer with an entirely image-based approach to sound creation and editing. Version 1.11 comes with various improvements and fixes.

Thanks to its powerful and omnipotent synthesis algorithms, it is capable of creating any sound possible. Powerful built-in image editing tools, some yet unknown to general image editing programs, are specifically tailored to enable you to create and edit sounds with ease in ways and with results simply impossible with other programs.

Changes in Photosounder v1.11

  • License validation dialog.
  • Audio output dialog for selecting an API, device, sample rate and buffer size.
  • Save dialog for selecting the file format.
  • Dialog to extend or cut the project’s duration.
  • Save non-lossless mode sound files now uses live synthesis which gives better output and solves previous problems with trying to save when live synthesis mode on.
  • A crash report file is generated and revealed when Photosounder crashes on Windows.
  • Faster graphics thanks to SIMD optimization.
  • Restored road-roller and magnet and mask erasing functionality.
  • and mask erasing (as opposed to one for the whole project).
  • Each layer can now have its own original copy used for road-roller and magnet.
  • logfile.txt on Windows is now in the AppData folder, like config.txt.
  • Fixed the Save command when scripting an image save.
  • Fixed “Merge all to new layer” in scripting.
  • Fixed PHA file saving for the status type.
  • Fixed WAV file loading for some cases.
  • Floating window manager so windows don’t have a fixed order anymore.
  • Fixed an issue with program not launching due to restoring window position, now the window always starts maximized.

Photosounder for Windows and macOS is priced $79 USD. The software is on sale at a 50% discount at Plugin Boutique until August 1st, 2022, after which the regular price will be increased to $100 USD.

More information: Photosounder