Physical Audio has announced the launch of an updated website and new versions of all of its audio plugins.

All new versions of the Derailer physical modeling instrument and Spring and Plate reverbs now support both macOS with AU, VST3 and AAX fomrats, and Windows 10 with VST3 and AAX formats.

Derailer has been redesigned to incorporate a driver/resonator setup, expanding the range of elements to include plucked or bowed strings. The bar network has been simplified and now includes real-time controls of the bar and spring parameters. We have also included additional effects units to the driver section.

Dynamic Plate Reverb has been rewritten and now features real-time control of the plate dimensions. The model uses our unique Physical Audio® Optimisation Engine, giving maximum audio quality with minimal CPU usage. We have also included an 8-band mode equalizer, as well as a modelled pre-amp drive section and pre-delay.

Dual Spring Reverb has also been rewritten and uses our Physical Audio® Optimisation Engine. We have redesigned the spring signal path with a modelled pre-amp drive section and stereo output from each spring with a cross-fader. It also uses a mode equalizer and a pre-delay unit.

The plugins are available to test for free in demo mode, and product licenses are 30% off during a launch sale at Physical Audio until the end of September, 2021.