Physical Music TimeFreezer

Physical Music has released version 2.6 of TimeFreezer, a virtual effect and instrument plug-in which allows you to “freeze” audio.

Infinite sound… Did you ever want to stop a sound just like a snapshot, so that it stays forever, without looping effects and without sounding like a synthesizer? I found a solution. Here it is: the TimeFreezer that freezes all kind of audio material and plays with it.

Changes in TimeFreezer v2.6

  • Due to a new algorithm the response is much faster. The latency is now less than a half compared to the previous versions. The TimeFreezerFX is always stereo and now so fast that there is no more need for a mono version.
  • The missing channel bug is now fixed, also no more crashes did come.
  • It is louder. this means, that passing through the audio with no filter and max volume is the same than the original. Normalized freezes are just under 0 dB.
  • The import of 32bit float files is now possible with OSX.
  • The software has been compiled with the newest XCode on Snow Leopard and with the newest Visual Studio on Windows.
  • The plug-in runs all on 64 bit machines.

TimeFreezer is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Physical Music