PiF Vocoder

PiF Media Technologies has released PiF Vocoder / [v?k??d?r], a freeware vocoder effect plug-in based on FFT analysis.

PiF Vocoder allows mono audio input to be modulated by both the internal synthesizer or an external audio source, i.e. the output of an other synth or an audio track.

PiF Vocoder features

  • Synth section: 2 x Osc (sine/saw/square and white noise generator), with volume, octave and detune for Osc 2. Pitchbend, 1 to 8 half notes.
  • Modulator section with limiter and volume for the audio input.
  • Synth or audio signal carrier source. Controls for volume, attack and release of the carrier signal.
  • 2-band equalizer with frequency, boost/gain and Q controls. Low- and High-cut.
  • Output can be Vocoder, Carrier, or Modulator.
  • Output compression with ratio, threshold, attack and release controls.
  • FFT/HOP: Select the FFT window size (128-1024) and FFT resolution (32-96).
  • GUI by Sink.

PiF Vocoder is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit PiF Media Technologies for more information and a link to download PiF Vocoder.