Bob Leggitt of Planet Botch has announced the release of The Ensembletron, a free string synthesizer plugin for Windows.

Planet Botch The Ensembletron String Synth

The Ensembletron is an analogue-type string synth with bags of character and a special three-stage Ensemble effect section for rich, spatial stereo animation. Via the Tone Management controls, the Ensembletron can produce anything from ’70s vintage lo-fi to bright ’80s hi-fi. A set of simple envelope tools allow slow attack, long sustain, etc. The Sub & 5th section reinforces the sound with additional string components.

There are 12 presets, which serve as good ‘jumping off points’ for tweaking highly usable patches.

All controls are located on the front panel, so the instrument is exremely simple to use. I’ve put full instructions for use on the download page. The Ensembletron is definitely not the world’s most versatile VSTi, but I feel it performs its specialised role very well, sits nicely in mixes, etc.

The Ensembletron is a free VST instrument plugin for Windows.

More information: Planet Botch / The Ensembletron