Planet Samples has released the third volume in the Trance Vocals series of sample packs, featuring a fresh batch of royalty free vocal kits for Uplifting/Melodic/Progressive Trance, Future and Progressive House.

Planet Samples Trance Vocals Vol 3

A well built trance track is always a pleasure to hear, but add the perfect vocal and you get sent to the heavens! When the sky meets the ocean, when ethereal meets transcendence, and when Planet Samples make Trance Vocals, the results are the same – BREATHTAKING! Don’t miss out the latest pack, Planet Samples Trance Vocals Vol.3

This is a trance vocal pack you don’t want to miss! Inside you will find 5 kits ready for you to release your next trance hit! Each kit contains the Dry and Wet Vocals, the Instrumental stems and midi files used to create our demos as a starting point for your own inspirations. All folders are numbered and labelled with their respective root key and bpm for your convenience. Fx and drum loops are not included.

Trance Vocals Vol. 3 features

  • 5 Acapella Vocals Kits.
  • 5 Wet Vocals.
  • 15 Instrument Loops (Pads, Bass, Piano).
  • 5 Dry Vocals.
  • 15 Midi Files.
  • Vocal BPM: 128.

The pack costs £25.99 GBP. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get a 35% discount on Trance Vocals Vol. 3 and other packs at HighLife Samples.

More information: Planet Samples