Platinum Loops Hip Hop Producer Pack 7 - The Doctor

Platinum Loops has released Hip Hop Producer Pack 7 – The Doctor, a collection of rap beats.

Bring the drama, cos it’s on. The Doctor’s been in the lab cooking up some hard hitting gangsta rap beats for all you Hip Hop producers out there. This Dr. Dre inspired sample pack features 10 song construction kits in the gangsta rap genre with 125 loops at 24 bit audio quality. As if this wasn’t enough we’ve also included the full MIDI tracks for each song with the intro, verse and chorus already structured, just load up your virtual instruments and start mixing. The Doctor features over 600 mb of hard hitting and dramatic compositions with the cool, cinematic vibe you need for genuine dram and atmosphere.

Drop these loops into your DAW and you’ll be creating gangsta rap bangers in just a few seconds. We’ve given you drums, bass, synths, strings, bells, guitars and more. What are you waiting for? Listen to the preview and download some of the free demo loops. Grab this loop pack today and make your first gangsta rap joint before lunch time. Watch out though, when you drop these bombs on the mean streets your gonna turn some heads. Tempos range from 76 to 95 bpm.

Hip Hop Producer Pack 7 – The Doctor is available as an instant download for $49.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops