Platinum Loops Big Bad Basslines V1 - Electro House

Platinum Loops has released Big Bad Basslines – Electro House, a collection of electro house bassline construction kits.

If it’s not nailed down it’s coming down. Big, walloping electro house anthems with some of the baddest basslines you’ve ever heard. Guaranteed to test the limits of your speakers, this electro house sample pack gives you the power to rock the main stage the fast and easy way.

Bypass the endless hours of knob twiddling, filtering, time stretching and distorting because we’ve done all of that lovely hard work for you. Proceed directly to the VIP, sit back and enjoy the MASSIVE floor fillers you created in minutes using this superb loop pack.

Big Bad Basslines V1 – Electro House features

  • 10 song construction kits, 136 fully stemmed out audio loops.
  • Includes 10 MIDI arrangements to give you the full control that you need for producing storming electro house anthems.
  • Tempos range from 127 to 132 bpm.
  • 938 MB content, 24-bit format.

Big Bad Basslines V1 – Electro House is available to purchase for $79.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops