Plogue Bidule

Plogue has released version 0.9707 of Bidule, a modular audio software for Windows and Mac.

Use Bidule’s DSP building blocks to create your own custom effects. Each of Bidule’s many math and DSP building blocks can be used to “program” your own custom instruments and effects.

Changes in Bidule v0.9707

  • Added support for 12 cores.
  • OS X: 64-bit test version of the standalone now available.
  • ReWire: added preference to enable the 64bit standalone to communicate with the ReWire device.
  • VST: added support for plugins changing the number of inputs/outputs through audioMasterIOChanged.
  • MIDI To Sync: fixed possible crash when loading an existing layout.
  • OS X: crash could possibly occur on certain edge cases of MIDI input. Fixed.
  • OS X: crash can occur in host after last instance of AU/VST is removed. Fixed.
  • OS X: crash could occur under some specific circumstances when plugging back a MIDI device. Fixed.
  • Patchbay: connect-insert doesn’t work with some signal types mismatch. Fixed.
  • Polyphonic Adapter: parameter links are not kept when using the Polyphonic Adapter. Fixed.
  • Sync Transport: uses more CPU when the UI is shown. Fixed.
  • + many more fixes.

Bidule for Windows and Mac (standalone/VST/AU) is available to purchase for 75 EUR / $95 USD. Prices excl. VAT.

More information: Plogue