Cinematique Instruments has added another free Kontakt sample library to its monthly series of free Klang instruments.

The abstract pluck sound of Plucked Overdrive was created by accident, recording muted guitar plucks of a Fender Jazzmaster sent through various pedals and audio plugins.

The instrument is a free download for the full version of Kontakt.

Additionally, three “Taped” series Klang instruments were recently added as well:

  • Corroded Wires combines a Telecaster player through multiple tape loops with an old vintage sound.
  • Blooming Vibes consists of 2 vibraphones recorded on an old tape with a delay to self oscillation.
  • Lonesome Scope combines simple sine waves with its own noisy tape feedback.

The new libraries are available for purchase for 5 EUR each from the Klang website.