Plug-In Constructor

Plug-In Constructor enables you to create new and unique VST Plug-In audio-effects in an amazingly fast, easy and logical way.

You will have an effect-machine at hand which has no limits! Whether you need an effect nobody has ever heard before or an “antique” scratchy vintage sound, you can do it: The modular concept enables you to build any type of sound-device on your own!

The Plug-In Constructor was born from Michael Kraft’s needs as a sound-engineer and musician. It’s a must to music-professionals which need to create new sound-colors “on the fly”.
But also anybody who wants to have a more practical idea of sound elaboration methods, e.g. students, should give it a try: It’s easy to use!

Plug-In Designer, a gratis extension made to design own graphical user-interfaces, is to be published soon. Creation of virtual instruments will become possible with the next release.

The free download of the Plug-In Constructor is a try-out which allows full examination of all capabilities, including the construction and realtime testing of new sound-elaboration algorithms, but is limited in one function: To create new VST Plug-Ins you need a Registration-Key.

Check the Digital Craftsmen site for more information and a link to try out Plug-In Contructor.