Pluggotic has released CB Grillo Parlante, a sample kit featuring a circuit bent Grillo Parlante, the italian version of the glorious Speak and Spell.

Grillo Parlante

Grillo Parlante – the Italian Speak & Spell

Short and pitched phonemes, glitches, molested and distorted words, drunk Bmovie-styled nonsense, frozen screams with scattered lo-fi particles, all divided in four banks. Plus, the raw character of the frozen sounds has been tuned with Kontakt2’s tone machine for a massive set of 28 oscillators with a vocoded feel, a special robotic choir at your service.


  • 4 banks: 55 short glitches, 70 medium glitches, 24 monologues, 28 frozen sounds
  • 4 original patches, 28 frozen/tuned oscillators (Kontakt2 only), 17 frozen/tuned layered & effected patches (Kontakt2 only)
  • 177 wave samples at 16bit/44100, unprocessed tone

CB Grillo Parlante is available in wav, Reason’s NN-XT and Kontakt2 formats and costs 5 GBP (payment via paypal).

Visit the Prokits product page for more information.