Pluggotic Jenna

Pluggotic has released Jenna, a sampled analog synthesizer.

Jenna from Pluggotic is a soulful resumè of full-ranged funky & (neo?) romantic patches for hip keyboardist and “museum-in-a-box” collectors.

six multisamples from a vintage italian analog monophonic synthesizer, 149 mono 16bits waveforms for 31 Kontakt2 (or newer) patches.

Jenna features

  • The original feel, high quality sampling and looping in six monophonic “naked” patches.
  • 20 expressive fx’ed patches: basses, leads, organs, layered, harmonized, etc. (Kontakt2 or newer only)
  • Three reverb IRs with Kontakt2 patches.
  • Bonus: naked patches for ShortCircuit and NN-Xt, economized patches for Morgana.
  • The download contains: 31 Kontakt patches, 8 Shortcircuit patches, 12 NN-XT patches, 12 Morgana patches.

Jenna is available to purchase from ProKits, priced at £2 GBP.