Plughugger has released Bassphere 02, a new sound expansion for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere synthesizer.

Plughugger Bassphere 02

Bassphere 02 is the second sound expansion for the Spectraonics Omnisphere synthesizer from As with Bassphere 01 this expansion is designed to bring instant inspiration for producers of modern dance music and pop. All sounds are built upon the excellent sound engine of Omnisphere – no samples needs to be loaded. Just plain, raw waveforms that have been built from the ground up into modern sounding goodness.

The benefits of using the built in sound engine are many. The sounds are different from the existing sounds in Omnisphere, it uses minimal with memory and the sounds loads the very instant you click on them. In other words, there are no more annoying loading times.

As with Bassphere 01, Bassphere 02 is a journey of evolving sounds. We started with 18 sounds as the starting point. These sounds were then tweaked, pushed, distorted, filtered, arpeggiated and sequenced into a total of 140 sounds.

Bassphere 02 for Omnisphere is available to purchase for 4.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger