Plughugger has released SCRAM!, a free collection of over 100 new presets for Soundtoys Echoboy.

Plughugger SCRAM for Echoboy

SCRAM! started out as a mad-scientist experiment to see how far you could push the effect and what kind of effects you could make using only a delay. Apart from delays we also created reverbs with a delicious lofi quality, weird choruses and dirty saturation effects all the way to effects that simply sound gaga.

The collection comes in two flavours: one aimed to be used as SEND effects and one to be used for INSERT. The only difference is setting the DRY/WET knob. Pick the method you personally prefer to work with – install the presets – and have fun.

SCRAM! features

  • 102 presets for Echoboy.
  • 22 delay effects.
  • 20 modulation effects.
  • 41 reverbs.
  • 19 weird effects.

SCRAM! for Echoboy is free and can be downloaded without any need for registration from the Plughugger web page.

More information: Plughugger / SCRAM!