Plughugger has announced the release of IT’S BAKELITE!, a new soundset for PlastiCZ by reFX.

As the 80s New Wave is topping the charts like ever before, the ReFX PlastiCZ has become a somewhat hidden production weapon for that true plastic lofi feeling of the 80s.

IT’S BAKELITE! is a soundset of 128 presets that expands greatly from the original sounds. While the included sounds emulates classical sounds such as Moog and the TB-303 – this soundset is an exploration of the true rubbery insides of PlastiCZ. IT’S BAKELITE! is mainly concentrated around bass sounds and leads.

The ReFX PlastiCZ is one of the few synthesizers that really captures the essence of the 80s cult classic Casio CZ. The sound can best be described as thin, innocent and naive.

IT’S BAKELITE! features

  • 128 presets, 100% original and have all been designed by hand.
  • The download package contains the soundset as an FXB bank as well as all sounds in FXP preset format.

IT’S BAKELITE! is available as a download for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger