Plughugger has released a brand new collection of presets for the Omnisphere virtual instrument from Spectrasonics. The sounds of Le Freak are based on Arturia’s Microfreak synthesizer.

The Microfreak is a synthesizer with a vast number of sound engines, partly based on the Mutable Instruments Plaits platform, with specialised engines for traditional subtractive and wavetable synthesis to vocoder, Karplus-Strong, FM and supersaws.

Le Freak is a collection of sounds taking some of the most interesting waveforms in Microfreak and pushing it further in Omnisphere with proper polyphony, effects and filters and better modulation. Plughugger also recorded the speech synthesizer engine included spoken phrases using the vocoder.

Le Freak contains 213 sounds in the following categories:

  • 41 Arpeggios & Sequences.
  • 18 Drum & Percussion.
  • 4 Effects.
  • 26 Pads and Strings.
  • 23 Bass sounds.
  • 33 Synth sounds.
  • 28 Speech and Vocoder phrases.
  • 40 Multis.

The sound library is on sale for the introductory price of 9.90 EUR until March 13th, 2022 (regular 29.90 EUR). Use coupon code MEGAFREAK at the checkout to get the discount.

More information: Plughugger