Plughugger has launched a sound library for CMI-V, an emulation of the Fairlight CMI digital sampling system.

Based around 200 individual chord/stab sounds, Lofi House System offers a basic house construction kit aimed to quickly inspire you to come up with your own loops and ideas.

Plughugger Lofi House System

Apart from the clean dry stabs, we also added two flavours. One “ambient” version, reversed with extra noisy lofi settings, lush reverb and delay. And one “modern” version with velocity filter modulation, and a merciless compressor to expand the reverb tail.

Apart from the 600 single presets, Plughugger also included 50 ready-made sequences to inspire your tracks and show what can be done, plus 11 additional drum sounds sampled from a very famous drum machine that starts and ends with the number 9.

Lofi House System is suitable for genres such as classic Old-School House, Deep House and Tech House.

Lofi House System features

  • 661 new sounds for Arturia CMI-V.
  • 200 “dry” chords/stabs.
  • 200 “modern processing” chord/stabs.
  • 200 “ambient versions” chord/stabs.
  • 11 drum sounds.
  • 50 sequences.

The soundset is on sale for the intro price of 9.90 EUR until March 18th. Use coupon code FAIRLIGHTHOUSE at checkout to get the discount. The regular is 19.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger