Plughugger Nexus Reloaded

Plughugger has released Nexus Reloaded, a new sound expansion for the Nexus 2 synthesizer by ReFX.

Nexus Reloaded is a collection of over 400 new presets for the Nexus 2 software synthesizer that are constructed with the built-in waveforms included with Nexus 2.

The purpose of Nexus Reloaded was to see how far you can push Nexus 2 with only the parameters available for normal users. Without using additional samples or access to all the hidden parameters, you can actually take Nexus 2 quite far in terms of sound design.

Nexus Reloaded features

  • 423 presets divided into the following categories: Arp Bass: 136, Arp Lead: 62, Bass: 95, Gates: 21, Lead: 55, Pads: 54.
  • The style of the presets span from screeching monsterleads to wobbly basses, cute pads and basslines compressed so hard they could crush bones. Nexus Reloaded is a collection of presets with sounds for trance, 80s pop, modern pop, techno, electro and a bunch of other styles we absolutely cannot classify – but were to cool to be wasted.
  • The sounds were designed to be firestarters and are meant to be used as sources of inspiration.

Nexus Reloaded is available to purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger