Plughugger has released a new Omnisphere sound expansion with over 200 new sounds aimed for industrial and atmospheric techno genres.

The concept of the Svart soundset was to combine the dark cinematic sounds in Omnisphere with the hard and unforgiving sounds of industrial techno.

To make the soundset more complete Plughugger added processed drum sounds from the Elektron Analog Rytm and Analog Four synthesizers.

Svart contains 232 sounds:

  • 56 Arpeggios and Sequences.
  • 21 Drum and Percussion sounds.
  • 16 Effects.
  • 9 Human Voices.
  • 25 Synth Sounds.
  • 35 Basses.
  • 13 Pads and Strings.
  • 17 Textures and soundscapes.
  • 40 Multis.

The soundset is available for the intro price of 9.90 EUR until April 17th, 2022 (regular 29.90 EUR). Use coupon code EVIGTMORKER at the checkout to get the discount.

More information: Plughugger