plughugger zen electro hive

Plughugger has launched Zen Electro, a soundset featuring 150 presets for the Hive synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Zen Electro is a collection of 150 mellow and laid-back edm sounds for u-he Hive.

The soundset contains mellow plucks, soft leads, silky pads, and low basses – but with a substantial focus on the pad and lead sounds.

Zen Electro features

  • 20 lead arpeggios / sequences.
  • 9 bass arpeggios / sequences.
  • 25 bass sounds.
  • 40 leads.
  • 45 pads.
  • 11 effects.

Zen Electro costs 14.90 EUR. Until March 6th, 2016, you can buy this soundset for 9.90 EUR when using the coupon code MELLOW at checkout.

More information: Plughugger / Zen Electro